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20 Best Novelty Gifts For Christmas

Cute Items That Spell Fun For Your Loved Ones

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Gift giving can be grueling for some, especially if you don't know what present your friend or family would like to have. How about we dish out classic and unique items that most people will love and appreciate? Here are some gift ideas to help you out with your list:

Super Mario Lamp
Anyone would love to have this brick lamp that reminds you of the well-loved game you most probably played as a child. It will work best on anyone's bedroom and will help for that good night's sleep.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Cane Sword
A life-sized replica of Jacob Frye's Cane Sword from Assassin's Creed Syndicate, this one will definitely be a treat for those who love the game. Just make sure you'll give it to someone over 18 as it features a loaded spring, button triggered scythe blade and full sword. The sword easily unsheathes from the case by a simple push of a button. Made of PV and thermoplastics.

Minecraft foam sword and pickaxe

Everyone had fun creating 2-bit buildings and things in Minecraft. Why not give this sword and pickaxe as funny gifts that can be used in silly play fights around the house?


Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter
Who doesn't love pizza? But who will love pizza even more? Well, the answer is Star Trek fanatics of course! With this pizza cutter designed like the USS Enterprise, it's taking nerd alert to the next level. It's an officially licensed Star Trek Collectable made of Zinc Chromium alloy for the handle and laser-etched stainless steel for the saucer cutter. That's one pizza cutter one will treasure!


Star Wars R2-D2 USB
Awaken the Force with this officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. Perfect for those who loved saga, this is in time for the movie coming out next month. It includes two USB charging ports which provides 2.1 amps, letting you charge 2 tablets at once!


Retro Arcade Watch
Not all watches are created equal. This one certainly takes unique seriously as it gives that vintage arcade feels. It has a fire button which lights up to indicate the hours and a marquee in red that makes a "pew" sound. Meanwhile, a spaceship lets you see the seconds. It's made of stainless steel case, has an estimated battery life of one year, and has a black leather band with white contrast teaching for that added style factor.


Back To The Future Watch
It may not make anyone time travel but it sure looks good on anyone's wrist. This Back To The Future Flux Capacitator Wristwatch is not your common watch. It tells time by blinking lights which the wearer should count in order to tell the time. A bit tricky? It's quite interesting. Made of stainless steel, it also features a safety buckle and 2 pushers.

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Tetris Game
Long before smartphones, kids had love the Tetris game using this handheld device. It might look corny now, but we're sure that a friend of yours would love to get their hands on this classic game. It has 3 game modes which is the classic, speed, and ultra Tetris. You can also play it with sound, which will definitely make you think back of the days.


Legend of Zelda Shield Sword Blade Weapon Necklace 14-Piece Set
Made of Alloy, this necklace with 14 different pendants will be the perfect gift for those who were loyal to the game. It comes in an elegant box that will make your gift look extra classy.


Gun Lamp
This will literally make the owner kill the lights using a gun. With a minimalist design but a cool feature, this lamp is a great gift for those who would love to turn off the lights with a bang!


Hyperkin SUPABOY Portable Pocket SNES Console
So, you still have those Japanese Super Famicom Cartridges? Then here's the console for you to enjoy those nostalgic games. It's compatible with Nintendo SNES controller, Nintendo Super Scope, and Super Multitap Nintendo Mario Paint Mouse. It has adjustable volume control with stereo sound and headphone jack.


GameBoy iPhone case
Made of silicone, this one is a cute gift for those who miss the portable game console the older generation enjoyed as a child.


Super Mario Pipe Mug
Remember those secret passages on Super Mario? This time around, it's a passage to favorite hot drinks with this Super Mario Pipe Mug.


Retro Nintendo Laptop Bag
A reminiscent of the NES Controller, this bag is made of 100% polyester to add to that cool retro vibe.


Sega Genesis
This 3.2" Handheld game console will make anyone happy as it lets the user play the beloved SEGA Genesis Games which include Mortal Kombat I, II, and III. It has an SD card slot for Downloadable Games and is preloaded with 80 16-bit games.


Ash Ketchum Mesh cap
Ever wondered how it will feel like to have your own Pikachu? You might not be able to give the fluffy looking character but you can give your friend a chance to be Ash Ketchum with this cap.


Pokemon Gym badges
If you're familiar with the cartoons, you'll know that in every town or city they visit, they'll be able to gain a badge after winning. Fans of the series will definitely love this gift as it looks very accurate and realistic!


Halo 4 Cortana Chip Light-Up Key Chain
Gamers will love this small little gift as it features 4 blue LED lights that are loyal to the game. Easily turn on and off the lights with a push of a button. It's made of plastic outer casing and acrylic sheet embedment.


Halo 5 logo wallet
A practical gift for the devout Halo player. This wallet is made of PU Leather. This gift might not be as quirky as the others but it sure is useful.


Pac-Man and Ghost Racers
Anyone will have fun with these remote-controlled figurines that will chase each other around the house. They move in 6 different directions and comes with a retro style joystick for added enjoyment. It also comes with the authentic sound effects that will surely make any video game lover happy.


There you have it! A list of out-of-the-box and extraordinary items that will definitely make someone lucky to be given to this coming Christmas season.

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