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21 Games Available For Free

From old school classics to new titles available in your browser

Nicole Billitz
21 Games Available For Free

Gaming can unfortunately be one of the most expensive hobbies. The gaming consoles alone cost hundreds of dollars, and gaming PCs cost thousands. Once you add the actual games as well, you’re well over your head.

However, fear not! The underrated hero is the free game, which is surprisingly plentiful and varied. Although some games cost money, there are literally hundreds of free-to-play online games that attract millions of people, as well as tons of freeware titles that also could be played - even major companies like EA offer free games, and certainly much smaller developers do as well.

Which is why we’ve made a lineup up the most popular/newest/best free games that are available for the PC and even some Mac, and from browser Flash titles and massive MMORPGs to puzzles and sport classics.

 1. Planetside 2

A favorite first-person battle game from 2012.

2. Dota 2

Although the original Dota came from World of Warcraft 2, Dota 2 is it’s own game - and MOBA.

3. Tribes: Ascend

Still the world’s premiere online jetpack shooter game - where you launch into battle in crazy places.

4. Path of Exile

A Diablo III-style third-person role-playing game, this game is more slow-burner than multiplayer, but it’s great for you looters out there.

5. League of Legends’

From the creators of Dota, there is automated matchmaking, excellent maps and a range of characters which have made it a multiplayer favorite in the last year.

6. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Basically Blizzard’s attempt at an online version of Magic the Gathering, the card game.

7. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions

The best alternative to Hearthstone, this game has less of a casino-effect visual hit.

8. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Although it was not initially free upon its release, the successor the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies now is, so get on your Sith kicks.

9. World of Tanks

10. A different kind of MMO, that is team-based and has massive multi-player action with a bunch of different war machines.

11. Runescape

One of the most popular MMOs available, you can download it or run it in your browser using Java.

12. FreeOrion

For those wanting to own their own galaxy, this is great - but don’t count on user friendliness.

13. Lord of the Rings Online

Undoubtedly one of the best MMOs out there, this is an excellent game.

14. Quest for Glory II VGA

From LucasArts, this classic adventure/RPG hybrid has different roles that unlock different opportunities.

15. Battlestar Galactica

You can play in browser, and we love the story of Galactica and the Cylons being blasted into an uncharted area of space.

16. TrackMania Nations Forever

A mix between extreme sports with unlimited rev counter and racing, these cars don’t conform the laws of physics.

17. Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall

Throwback to the 1990s aside, this RPG is a classic with a massive game world.

18. DC Universe Online

Create your own hero (or villian) and save (or destroy) the streets of Gotham and Metropolis, next to Batman and the rest.

19. Super House of Dead Ninjas

One of our favorite Flash games, guide the Crimson Ninja through the horror-packed world.

20. Quake Live

One of the most popular deathmatch games ever is now available for free, in your browser.

21. World of Warcraft

No, you didn’t misread. But you should know that you can play the first 20 character levels for free.


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