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22 Reasons Why The Huawei MateBook Is Better Than Microsoft Surface

There's A New High-Powered Tablet In Town

Lauren Messer
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22 Reasons Why The Huawei MateBook Is Better Than Microsoft Surface© 2023 Huawei

Yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Huawei announced its latest tablet, the MateBook, that left users wondering if there was finally some competition for top tablet leaders, the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface. As it turns out, there is! Huawei is known for its affordable smartphones and has been in the tablet market in the past, but their latest device is bringing new specs to the table that put the it on par with industry leaders. This is the first 2-in-1 Windows 10 device that Huawei has launched. The MateBook has tons of capabilities and users at the reveal were excited by the high-powered hardware this device is packing.

Want a tablet that you can carry around with you? The MateBook is about 40g lighter than the Surface and almost 3mm thinner. It's easy to slide into you bag and carry this tablet with you when you're on the go. The all metal unibody is not only light, but sleek and can give you the professional look you're going for without breaking your wallet. The MateBook is priced at $699 with 128GB storage while tablets like the iPad Pro start at $949 for that kind of storage. The Surface Pro 4 is normally $899 but it looks Microsoft is currently running a deal where you can get it for $799 for the 128GB. However, the MateBook can pack up to 512GB of storage. Either way, the MateBook is slightly more affordable and less heavy to carry around. 

The MateBook can pack up to 512GB of storage.

When we compare the MateBook vs. Surface, Huawei comes out the clear winner. With higher resolution and noticeable more RAM memory, the MateBook is also bigger as far as screens are concerned. It comes with a 12 inch display as opposed the Surface's 10.6 inch screen. However, the Surface Pro 4 just barely beats the MateBook with its 12.3 inch display. It also has hardware that packs a punch since it comes with the 6th Gen Intel Core m7 dual-core processor with 3.1GHz. The MateBook can be charged via a standard USB cable and has significantly more internal storage. It's got the USB Type-C port or you can buy the standalone dock that has more connectivity options, like an Ethernet jack, for an estimated $89. The Surface does have an external memory slot and can switch to a more traditional desktop view but the MateBook comes with a pretty cool stylus that impressed users at the congress yesterday.

MatePen Cropped.jpgThe MatePen acts as a mouse, laser pointer, has an eraser and has extended battery life. Source: Huawei

The MatePen features two buttons the function like the left and right clicks on a mouse would when it is close to the screen. When the stylus is further away, it can launch apps and control slideshows. Even cooler, the pen has a laser pointer on the back and after being charged for only one hour, can hold a battery life of up to 100 hours. At $59, the MatePen is a pretty good companion for the tablet with these capabilities. The MateBook features a fingerprint scanner on the side compared to the Surface Pro 4's iris scanner. It's also weather sealed unlike the Surface products. It's clear that the MateBook is going to offer the Surface some stiff competition with its high-powered hardware and lighter design. 

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