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3 Amazing New Inventions That Will Change Your Life

A glimpse into the future

Molly Holt
3 Amazing New Inventions That Will Change Your Life© 2019 Royal College Of Art

'Breathing' Leaf to work as an oxygen factory for space travel

No matter how much NASA and Elon Musk try, there’s one major set back to their space missions: that pesky oxygen situation. So Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri has gone back to his GCSE science days and created the world’s first ever man-made fully functional leaf. The biological identical replica is able to photosynthesise, taking in carbon dioxide, water and light and releasing oxygen… perfect for use in a spaceship or setting up life on mars. But if the red planet isn’t quite ready for some foliage, Melchiorri notes how the the silk protein bodied leaf could be used here on earth to provide a breath of fresh air to indoor spaces in buildings with poor ventilation.

Ice cream that changes colour when you lick it

Forget Heston Blumenthal, the newest man to fuse food with science is Manuel Linares, and his most recent creation will change dessert as we know it. The Spaniard has invented an ice cream that changes colour when you lick it. The mixture behind the magic is a top secret “love elixir” he created himself, which he adds to the tutti-fruiti treat to create what he called the Xamaleón. Despite the name (a play on the Spanish word for chameleon), the recipe is apparently all natural and contains no genetically modified cows or aliens, just an ability to sense fluctuations in acidity and temperature. According to Linares’ his next step will also involve ultraviolet ice-cream - we’re already dreaming of what the next generation clubbing will look like - drink in one hand, ice-cream cone in the other. Perfect.

Ask a doctor any question at any time of the day

More of an app than an invention but still set to significantly change our daily lives, First Opinion merges health and fitness technology with those old school (and long drawn out) doctors visits. The app puts you in direct contact with real doctors from around the globe so you don’t have to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment with your actual GP. A free 24-hour service will allow you to talk to a doctor as many times as you want, with each medical advisor also providing a brief bio to show their specialities, how long they’ve been practising, where they live, how many questions they’ve answered on the service, a peer review and personal details about their life to increase the level of intimacy between them and their worried online patients. Questions will be answered within a day, but extra options are also available such as $9 per month for an answer within 5 minutes or $29 per month for an answer within three.

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