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3 Game Changing Apps Only Available in the US


Anne Parsons
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“It’s fine, you can just Venmo it to me,” my friend said to me as she got out her purse to pay the taxi driver.

“I can what to you?”

“Venmo. Come on, Venmo? What do you mean you don’t have Venmo! Ugh.”

And so I learned about Venmo, the app that my friend Paige, currently based in New York, can apparently not go a day without using. So to all us non-US folk, what is it? And how come we can’t get it?

1. Venmo

According to the Venmo people, the best way to think about the app is as a digital replacement for your wallet. Venmo is a service that provides really easy way for you to charge and pay your friends and avoid the need for handling cash and small change. Want to split a lunch bill, and don’t want the awkward counting of coins to make sure it’s 50/50? Want to sending your roommate half of the rent? Want to pay your friend back for that concert ticket before you forget? Venmo.

It sounds like it would make my life a whole lot easier. Unfortunately for now, Venmo is only available for US residents, and you can’t use Venmo while you are visiting other countries. We want that sorted.

2. Oyster

Another app my American friends have been raving about is Oyster. Oyster is a beautifully curated database of over 500,000 e-books. For $9.95 ((€7.30) Oyster offers unlimited access to their titles for  a month, with new books added all the time. It’s pretty much Netflix for books, and looks way better than any other e-reader I’ve used. I was really impressed with the collections they have put together, and found that I had read a lot more than usual during the few days I had possession of my friend’s iPad.

Again annoyingly for us, at the moment, Oyster, a New York based app is only available in the United States and for U.S.-based credit cards. Apparently they are working hard to expand to new markets soon.

3. Pandora

We’ve all heard about Pandora, the widely praised Internet Radio and music streaming service that chooses songs for you based on your previous selection. You can give positive or negative feedback which will then affect future selections. The service, operated by Pandora Media, Inc., is free, and due to licensing constraints is only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Let’s hope we see it expand soon.

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