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3 Things That Will Make The Future of VR

Imagine the possibilities!

Julius Tabios
3 Things That Will Make The Future of VR© 2023 Sony

Virtual reality is making baby steps into becoming the gaming platform many of us yearn for. I wish those who expect too much immediately from the VR concept so early to dial back a bit. They are still figuring things out. Give them time! Imagine how virtual reality could be in two or five years from now. 

Advanced Rendering 

Like most games, being too quick while playing could cause rendering problems. Sometimes the twitch gamer habits become a problem. With better technology down the line a complete render with no frame rate hiccups real time could be easy breezy. None of the draw distance limitations! Imagine how that could affect VR.  

Actual Motion Controls 

Most of the current VR headsets will still rely on the traditional controllers of sorts. Those that come with joysticks and face buttons. Imagine if we proceed beyond that. If we have motion sensitive gloves or a treadmill of sorts to simulate movement. Oh that will be so epic. 

Social VR 

There’s this thing called FaceRig which turns you into a fully dynamic animated character using only your webcam. It detects facial expressions and muscle movement. Imagine if future VR incorporates that kind of technology. Online interaction would be so damn awesome. This technology already exists!

If you are patient enough, Virtual Reality will blow all of our minds. You just have to be patient enough. 

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