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3 Ways Open Source Technology Is Changing The World

Some of the coolest open source projects that are helping the planet

Nicole Billitz
3 Ways Open Source Technology Is Changing The World© 2018 RepRap

1. Potters For Peace: Ceramic Water Filter Project. Potters for Peace travel around the world to help assist local potters to establish workshops that produce low-cost ceramic water filters that bring clean water to those in need. Thanks to the open source filter initially developed by Dr. Fernando Mazariegos in 1981, these filters helped eliminate contaminated water in some of the poorest areas in Central America. Since then, the project has grown globally to ensure that everyone has access to filtered water.

2. Self Replicating 3D Printers. Some nonprofit organizations like Field Ready have used 3D printers in developing communities to become technologically self-sufficient. As we previously reported, they have used 3D printers to produce oxygen splitters, breast pumps, educational toys, and even farming tools like corn shellers. Joshua Pearce created the first mobile and solar powered 3D printer, to ensure that it was heavy duty and able to go anywhere, regardless of pre-existing technologies. Furthermore, he made this 3D printer open source, so that all the designs can be downloaded and used for free. The RepRap, the printer he invented, is also self replicating, which means that it can print more 3D printers to help more communities.

3. Memex program. This is an open source software program that is hoping to develop the next generation of the search bar. Memex is hoping use the current search tools and then cross list and create subsets of information based on specific interests. Eventually, Memex would help combat human trafficking, which uses numerous different forums, chats, advertisements, posting, hidden services, etc. The idea is to create “an index curated for the counter-trafficking domain, which would enable new opportunities to uncover and defeat trafficking enterprises”. Wow, and way to go.


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