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4 3DS Games You Must Play

Nintendo's Handheld Has Some Gems

Julius Tabios
4 3DS Games You Must Play© 2018 Intelligent Systems

Some diehard gamers really can’t stand a moment not playing something. For these gamers home console gaming with their PS4 and Xbox One is never enough. Tablet and phone mobile games are for what you call ‘casual’ gamers. To honour Nintendo President Mr. Satoru Iwata’s untimely passing, let’s look at must-play games on the 3DS.

Fire Emblem: Awakening 

The iconic tactical RPG Fire Emblem has been around since the days of the NES. Thanks to modern day technology, we can now play meaty games wherever we go. Warring kingdoms and budding romances are tried and tested formulas for this genre so why rock the apple cart right? If you love strategy or Japanese role-playing games you really gotta give this sword a swing. 

Pokemon X and Y

C’mon you can’t love Nintendo and not love Pokemon. These adorable and equally deadly pocket monsters roam the world and its up to you to catch them all. This is the first time the series went from its retro 2d pixel graphics to full blown 3d and boy does it look good. 

Bravely Default 

The game pays homage to the old school Final Fantasy style RPG that put Square on top of the competition  way back. The cutesy graphics don’t actually do justice to its dense combat system. It also comes with the traditional Job class of the Final Fantasy series so play it if for that sweet, sweet nostalgia and brilliant storyline. 

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies 

So from epic dragons and knights in shining armor we head to the… courtroom? The lawyer battles are filled with twists and turns that make for some of the best storytelling in video games yet. As renowned lawyer, Phoenix Wright you protect your clients from accusations of murder and whatnot.


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