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4 Amazing Things From The New Windows 10 Update

Microsoft Is Definitely Staying True To Their Promise

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4 Amazing Things From The New Windows 10 Update© 2023 Microsoft

After launching their latest OS, Windows 10, Microsoft is set to positioning it as the best choice to run all your devices with. Together with the Xbox One finally getting the Windows 10 makeover along with select mobile phones, Microsoft also released their first major update for PCs and tablets already using the operating system.

But what's in store for everyone with this new update? Here's a brief rundown of what you can get from it:

1. Improved Performance
Starting from the boot time, Windows promise to give you faster start up to 30% faster than what Windows 7 can do on the same device. Even Mail, Calendar, Groove, Store, OneNote, Solitaire, and others are in a boosted performance after this update.

2. Cortana Is Made Even Smarter
With the update, you can now use simply scribble notes on your Cortana Notebook using your device's pen and Cortana will easily recognize the phone number, email address, and even the physical address to help you set reminders. Cortana will now be able to send you helpful reminders on where to go at what time as she keeps track of your events and even movie bookings. Even your Uber booking can now be tracked by Cortana. This will soon be available in Japan, Australia, Canada, and India (in English) with customized features for each location.

3. Better Experience With Microsoft Edge
Surf the internet using Windows 10's new browser Microsoft Edge which now offers improved performance and security. It now gives you previews of websites you have on your tabs so you wouldn't have to leave the page you're currently on. It also now syncs your Favorites and Reading list across all your Windows 10 devices giving you the convenience of accessing it anytime. While internet shopping on Edge, Cortana will also be able to notify you of the best coupons from Staples, Macy's, Best Buy and others (available in the US only)

4. Seamless Integration For The Workplace

As Windows 10 is currently catering to 110 million devices which includes 12 million business PCs, they wanted to be able to offer the best platform that will deliver the best solution for any business. To help out ITs of companies, the update offers the following:

  1. Free services
    There are two free services included in this update which is the Windows Update for Business which provides IT control over updates within their organization's devices. It features setting up device groups with staggered deployments and scaling deployments with network optimizations. The other one is the Windows Store for Business which helps organizations to distribute and manage apps to Windows 10 devices under it. Companies can now choose which apps can be available for download with their own private store options.
  2. Security
    Windows 10 sought ways to best protect their customers, especially enterprises. With this, they rolled out features including Credential Guard, Device Guard, Windows Hello, and an improved Windows Defender to protect anyone from possible security breaches.
  3. Managing Device Options
    Microsoft wanted to really make IT departments to have easier lives as they help in effectively securing the use of multiple devices in the workplace. The Azure Active Join lets IT maintain a single directory where people can log in using one account for all of their Windows 10 devices.

With these new improvements, the Windows 10 is definitely keeping its word in continuously making sure that everyone is using the best OS for all of your devices.

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