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4 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

These apps will help make your longest day a little bit shorter

Nicole Billitz
4 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

1. TrackR Bravo Tracking Device. This is the app everyone has wished they had at least one time in their life. The TrackR Bravo is able to find your keys, wallet, pet, or bike. All you have to do is attach a Bravo speaker onto your keychain, so that when you lose your item, you open the app (iPhone or Android) and it sends a signal to the speaker on your keychain, which will emit a noise. Or, just the opposite: you can use your keychain to find your phone, which will also emit a noise. It works within 100 feet of the lost item, but don’t worry, other Bravo users that walk within 100 feet of your item will also get a notification. You can also receive a notification to inform you that you’ve walked more than 100 feet away from your item.

2. MUSE Brain Sensing Headband. This device analyzes your brain waves while you’re meditating to help keep you focused. Used in more than 50 hospitals and labs, it works with the app Calm, and informs you when you’ve lost focus during your meditation. You can select a session anywhere from three to twenty minutes. The free app shows instant results and will track your long term progress.

3. SmartMat Yoga Mat. The latest in fitness tracking, this mat provides you with your own personal yoga instructor and eliminates the need for classes, because we know how busy the 21 century is. The mat’s software memorizes your body dimensions using sensors, and then allows you to choose your workout. During the session, it corrects your posture and guides your next moves via audio or visual cues from your smartphone. For those that don’t want the guide, it can also track your progress and post it to your smartphone.

4. QBracelet Charging Wristband. The best and lightest battery pack yet. The wristband looks like an accessory, but it’s a foldable smartphone charger. You simply unclasp the band and attach it your phone, and it will charge your phone up to 60%. But the best part is that the QBracelet holds its charge for 90 days, which means you won’t have to charge it every night, and it can continuously give your phone power for even your longest day.

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