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4 Awesome Facts About Pluto

We missed you, Pluto!

Julius Tabios
4 Awesome Facts About Pluto© 2018 NASA

The wonderful humans of Earth have just accomplished an iconic milestone in its existence. Unless you are completely out of the loop, you might have heard that mankind completed its first ever up, close, and personal encounter with the 9th planet from the Sun. The New Horizons, an unmanned space probe, completed the journey.

The New Horizons was launched way back in January of 2006. That was almost a freaking decade ago. Unlike the science fiction that we love we are nowhere near the speed of light for intergalactic travel. But there is absolutely nothing to scoff at with the speed of the probe as it clocks in 31,000 mph. Damn son. The journey from Earth to Pluto is a whopping 4.67 billion miles.

Let’s look at the awesome new discoveries of everyone’s favorite prodigal planet. 

They say that Pluto is a dwarf planet

But closer inspection of the planet makes it the biggest object in our Solar System beyond Neptune.

Pluto has strong gas

I’m not joking around. The planet has a high amount of nitrogen in its atmosphere. Maybe that’s why poor Pluto was shunned as a planet only recently.

Pluto’s surface shows a lot of  icy characteristics

Space is cold. Duh. But this kind of makes Pluto Milky Way’s very own Hoth! Not we just need to set up a Rebel base there and then maybe find some tauntauns!

Pluto has five moons! 

We have Charon, Nix, Styx, Kerberos, and Hydra. Apart from the obvious liking to Greek mythology, we don’t really know that much yet. But after those crack scientists at NASA discover more we could be looking at a truckload of information.

We may just live long enough to live in mankind’s Space Age. Beam me up, Scotty!


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