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4 Brand New Motorola Devices You Simply Must See

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Michael Cruickshank
4 Brand New Motorola Devices You Simply Must See© 2018 Motorola Mobility

Motorola last night held an invite-only press event in Chicago where they unveiled their next generation of consumer electronics devices. The company, currently owned by Google, but in the process of being transferred to Lenovo, has seen considerable success in the last 18 months, and is looking to repeat this with a range of refreshed devices. See the 4 cool new products they released yesterday in our list below:

1 .Moto X

The next generation of Motorola’s flagship line once again follows the tradition established by its predecessor. Combining high-end (but not the best available) hardware with stock Android the new Moto X once again provides an overall smooth running experience. The general specifications of this device have been given a complete overhaul, but its form factor remains the same. Cases as well can still be customised with colorful plastic or wood finishes using the MotoMaker software.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

2. Moto360

While other smartwatch releases have been criticized for their blocky, rectangular forms, the Moto360 is the first smartwatch with a round display to be released on the market. As well as this, it features a stainless steel metal housing and optional leather or metal straps, giving the device the feel of a luxury watch. It will reportedly go on sale in under a week for around $250.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

3. Moto G

Before the Moto G, Motorola was widely regarded as a has-been in the tech industry, however this low-cost, but well-built phone took the world by storm, especially in developing markets. The new version of this device, also called the Moto G, features some updated hardware, and increased screen size. The new Moto G however does not feature an improved processor, so it may struggle with the new Android 5.0 version soon to be released.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

4. Moto Hint

While Samsung and Apple are busy investing in bulky over-the-ear headphone lines, Motorola is going small. Its latest product, the Moto Hint, is a tiny Bluetooth earpiece that is so small that it entirely sits within the wearer’s ear cavity. As well as this, the Hint can also integrate with Google Now to use voice commands to control its functions, such as answering calls and music playback.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

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