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4 Current "Green" Kickstarters

Nicole Billitz
4 Current "Green" Kickstarters

1. KaliPAK

This revolutionary portable solar energy generator is lightweight and uses foldable solar panels that will allow you to survive anywhere. Designed to help respond to natural disasters, outdoor activities and energy-challenged communities, it can be used by rescue teams, energy tactical units, engineers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It will charge multiple devices.


2. Lightors: Monster Battery

These co-friendly micro-USB rechargable batteries can be reused over 500 times. Once the battery dies, you simply plug them into the USB cable to recharge them, and save countless amounts of money, as well as the environment. Just like traditional AA/AAA batteries.

3. Dimension Ploymers

The first professionally engineered 3D printing filament that has been made from recycled plastic. With 3D printing on the rise, and the primary printing material used, Dimension Polymers is hoping to make 3D printing go green. The recycled plastic filament is produced in the USA and helps remove our carbon footprint.

4. Chop E

The latest and coolest two wheeler electric bike that gets 329 miles for only $1, Chop E tops out its speed at 21mph. Managing to reduce the electricity costs, it looks like a great time.


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