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4 Current Tech Kickstarters To Get Behind

Root for the underdog!

Nicole Billitz
4 Current Tech Kickstarters To Get Behind

1. A quality Dillenger folding electric bike for under $400.00. The average electric bike goes for about $1,500. The Cheetah will go up to 12mph, and travel 28 miles with a rechargeable battery.

2. 3Doodler 2.0, the first printing pen is back and better than ever! Smaller, more ergonomic in sleek metallic casing, it’s now high resolution and comes with a smoother and more consistent 3Doodling.

3. The Multibox PC. An easy to assemble kit, the DIY Multibox is the perfect work/play/hack accessory. The desktop computer is designed to be powered by a wide range of development and features a 14.1-inch, 1366x768HD LED screen with speakers!

4. Cobblebot Little Monster 3D Printer. A desktop friendly consumer 3D printer that is affordable, at high speeds, high resolution, and it’s easy to assemble!

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