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4 Dangerously Addictive Browser Games

Feel like wasting the rest of your day?

Michael Cruickshank
4 Dangerously Addictive Browser Games© 2018 Flickr - włodi

1. Robot Unicorn Attack

Before there was Flappy Bird, there was this game. As the title suggests, the player controls a robot unicorn which has to dash and jump through a rainbow-filled, and ironically happy landscape, destroying stars in order to collect points. As you play, you are treated to a looping playback of synthpop band, Erasure’s song Always. This will at first calm you, and then cause a mild form of PTSD as you relive how relentlessly hard this game is.

Image: © 2014 Adult Swim

2. ‘n’

If Super Mario was designed by a sadist, this would be the end product. In this 2D physics-based puzzler game, the player has to guide a ninja through an unrelenting landscape of platforms, spikes and land mines, which seek to dismember you in a number of gory ways. The problem is that beyond the first few level, this game is all but impossible...

Image: © 2014 'n'

3. 2048

This simple maths-based game is more than meets the eye. Users move tiles around a 4x4 grid, and each time two tiles with the same number touch, they merge. The aim of the game is to get one tile with 2048 as its number. Simple right? 4 hours of frustration later you will discover the true addictive difficulty of this game.

Image: © 2014 2048

4. Cookie Clicker

The time-sink of all online time-sinks, Cookie Clicker is a game which has probably wasted the most number of hours online. A user clicks a large cookie icon, generating cookies which can be spent on upgrades, armies of cookie-making grandmas and buildings which generate yet more cookies. It would be brilliant if it wasn’t so pointless. Play long enough and you will be importing cookies from other dimensions, and your grandmas will transform into an a demonic horde that can only be appeased by (you guessed it) more cookies.

Image: © 2014 Cookie Clicker

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