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4 Far Out Technologies Which Could Reshape Consumer Electronics

These will be game changers!

Michael Cruickshank
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While it might feel like we are already living in the future, with high tech devices completely ingrained in our day to day lives, there is still so much more yet to come. Just because technology is great now, doesn’t mean it can’t get better, and indeed the coming years will likely see a further acceleration in technological growth. With this in mind check out our list below of 4 far out technologies which could reshape consumer electronics into the future!

1. Graphene Batteries

One of the biggest problems with almost any kind of mobile device today, is battery life. The current Lithium-Ion batteries which are standard in the industry are both heavy, expensive and polluting. New batteries made from so-called “wonder material” Graphene, should solve many of these problems, offering a much higher energy density, faster charging times, and lower weight.

Image: © 2014 UCL

2. Wireless Power

Another solution to the problem of batteries running dry is wireless electricity. While we already have wireless inductive charging, the range of this tech is very limited. A number of companies are now reportedly working on solutions to this problem, which would theoretically power devices anywhere in a room. Promising approaches include using microwaves, or soundwaves in order to transmit power wirelessly.

Image: © 2014 Wiitricity

3. In-Air Holograms

Currently, when we use devices like smartphones and tablets we are restricted to interacting with only a small piece of screen. While companies like Amazon have tried adding 3D depth features to their devices, these have not been well received. One field of advancement which could change this though is Holograms. Right now, these can only be projected within special conditions, however, if a way is found to project into open air, the possibilities for new displays become immense.

Image: © 2014 Flickr - Dominic Alves

4. Implantable Computing

Right now in 2014 wearable computing is all the rage. But while this tech is cool in itself, a few decades from now it will be seen as laughably quaint. In its place our bodies will be decked out with technology which is actually implanted within us. While this sounds rather alarming, it makes sense when you see the progress already being made with brain-computer interfaces. Such implanted decides could provide us with unprecedented new sensory abilities, as well as seamless integration with the digital world.

Image: © 2014 Wikipedia

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