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4 Of The Most Destructive Cars In the World

Not a danger to the driver, but to everyone around them…

Michael Cruickshank
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Humanity has a deep love for the automobile, as it has revolutionized entire industries, society and even the way we build our cities. This being said, automobiles have a dark side - used in the wrong way they can be incredibly destructive, not just to the environment, but also to other humans. Read our list below of 4 of the most destructive and dangerous cars inhabiting the world right now!

1. Hummer

What do you get when you take a car designed for a Cold War battlefield, and then market it to civilians? The Hummer. This car no better than any other sums up the massive levels of waste and conspicuous consumption in our modern society. Not only does this car produce huge amounts of of CO2 pollution, it's also horribly-suited to metropolitan roads, causing congestion, crashes and all kinds of other problems.

2. Toyota Hilux

While the makers of this car could never have realised it, the Toyota Hilux truck has risen to become the car of choice for terrorist groups the world over. Often combined with a rear-mounted machine gun, creating a vehicle known as a ‘technical’, this car has become an object of fear in many countries. In Syria alone, these vehicles have lead to thousands of deaths.

3. Tata Nano

Building a car which can be bought for just $2000 seems like a great idea at first. As the cheapest car in the world, the Tata Nano, built in India, is definitely innovative. The problem is this, allowing hundreds of millions of people to have access to their own cars, is a great way to increase carbon emissions, and cause more harmful global warming.

4. Dong Fang Utility Truck

China’s inland in environment is many places is completely destroyed due to a massive over-expansion of heavy industry. Driving this expansion is the Dong Fang utility truck, one of the most popular vehicles in China, usually colored a sky blue. Its cheap price has allowed for the expansion of industry in previously remote areas, and has contributed to one of the largest ecological crisis in the world today.

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