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4 Photography Drones You Should Take On Your Next Trip

Tripods are for losers…

Michael Cruickshank
4 Photography Drones You Should Take On Your Next Trip© 2018 Flickr - Lima Pix

Drone photography is a rapidly expanding field. The latest in quadrocopter technology is being paired with new, rugged action cams, in order to deliver some truly spectacular footage. Looking to get in on the fun? Then check out our list below of 4 photography drones which you should take on your next outing!

1. DJI Phantom Vision 2+

Widely regarded as the best drone on the market for casual users, the DJI Phantom allows for steady, semi-autonomous flight. It combines and easy-to-use interface, with responsive flight controls and a first-rate camera setup. Unfortunately, at around $1300, it doesn’t come cheap.

Image: © 2014 Amazon

2. RC EYE One Xtreme

For those looking for something a bit simpler than the DJI Phantom, the RC Eye One is ideal. While it doesn’t feature the autonomous capabilities of the more expensive drones, it nonetheless allows for superb aerial photography through the use of camera attachments.

Image: © 2014 Amazon

3. Hubsan X4

Just as important as being somewhere where you can get a good shot, is knowing how to fly your drone into the right position. For this sort of training, there is no better craft than the Hubsan X4. Small, light and cheap, but nonetheless still able to record HD video, this is the perfect training craft.

Image: © 2014 Amazon

4. Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Perhaps the most iconic quadrocopter on this list, the Parrot AR 2.0 is a popular mid range drone. Using innovative smartphone controls, this drone can be flown by even relatively novice pilots. Furthermore, its solid frame enables it to take significant punishment, while still remaining functional.

Image: © 2014 Amazon


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