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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple's iPad Pro

Because You Probably Want To

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple's iPad Pro© 2018 Apple

Everyone knows that there are two well-known competing brands in tablet category and that will be the iPad and the Surface Pro. Seeing that they have to level up their game, Apple unveiled their new monster tablet in the form of the iPad Pro. Orders will soon be coming and if you haven't placed yours yet then maybe take a look at these these points to consider before finally clicking that buy button.

1. It's too big

At 12.9-inches, it's really one of the biggest tablets in the market. I don't know about you but this definitely defeats the purpose of portability in my case. But then again the 2732x2048 Retina display resolution surely makes your eyes wow at first glance. It is also slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2 at 6.9mm.

iPad Pro 2.jpg


2. It can't replace your PC
The iOS9 was definitely made for the complete user experience of the iPad Pro. Unfortunately even with the multi-tasking feature, the feeling isn't just the same. Sure, together with the very pricey keyboard accessory, you can almost do more than what you are used to in previous iPads, but is that enough?

3. It's too expensive
The cheapest iPad Pro comes at $799 but if you wanted the best kind complete with cellular connectivity and higher memory then you should be ready to shell out a $1079. I repeat, $1079 for a tablet. That is some heavy price tag considering it's not yet a fully-functional computer which runs on iOS. If you want the complete user experience you will opt to buy the keyboard accessory at $169 and even the bluetooth connected Apple Pencil at $99. That's already $1347, a pretty big hole in your pocket if you ask me.

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4. It's not that amazing
Sure, it's an iPad but it's not that different from the previous models aside from the A9X processor that you don't really need. There's also a shortage of apps that you can use due to it just running on iOS. It also comes with 4 speakers but so what? You either watch movies using your earphones anyway and there's always speakers that you can connect. If you already have the previous iPad and looking at replacing it due to circumstances that I don't know, I will still recommend the new iPad mini 4 or the iPad Air 2, less the price, all the goodness.

So, in this round, Microsoft's Surface Pro still seems to offer more than the new iPad with a lesser price tag.

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