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4 'Secret' Projects Currently Being Worked On By Google

We hope at least some of these succeed!

Michael Cruickshank
4 'Secret' Projects Currently Being Worked On By Google© 2022 Google

Google is one of the most, if not the single most innovative company on the planet. In order to maintain this high level of innovation and technology, the company engages in numerous secretive moonshot ‘projects’ which have the potential to revolutionize entire industries or societies. Read our list below of 4 of these secretive projects being worked on right now by Google!

1. Project Tango

While our mobile devices can plot their rough position in space using GPS and mapping data, they are unable to determine their precise location, especially indoors. Google’s Project Tango seeks to change this by making available devices which can map their environment in real time. Through a series of cameras, IR sensors and rangefinders, a Project Tango-enabled device can create a 3D map of a given space in a matter of seconds.

2. Project Loon

In the modern day it might seem like everyone is connected to the internet, but in reality, many people in poor and remote areas are not. In order to fix this, Google initiated Project Loon - an ambitious project involving using a large number of stratospheric balloons to act as a huge distributed wireless internet network. These balloons would run on solar power and utilise predictable air currents to move around.

3. Project Ara

Perhaps the most well publicized project on this list, Ara is the name Google has give to its quest to build a modular smartphone. Based off a viral concept video, the devices being produced for this project involve a single motherboard to which a number of interchangeable blocks can be added or removed. These blocks would enable a user to ‘hot-swap’ out components of their device for upgrades or repairs, rather than having to buy an entirely new phone.

4. Project Wing

Amazon wowed the world when they showed off their Prime Air drone delivery, but Google’s Project Wing aims to do it better. Using faster and more capable drones, trialled in the Australian Outback, the company plans to build its own delivery solution. Of course, while they may have the computing and robotic technology, they still do not have the regulatory approval from the FAA to begin commercial drone use.


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