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4 Things To Expect At This Year's WWDC

The Apple event is hours away!

Julius Tabios
4 Things To Expect At This Year's WWDC© 2023 JD Hancock

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is happening June 8 in California. That’s mere hours from now. Apple never fails to be the talk of the town (or the world) as their products are coveted by the young and the old. What should we expect at this year’s edition?

1. iOS 9

It’s practically a gimme that a new iOS will be announced at the annual event. Though we don’t expect the OS in the coming months. Later this year is a more realistic timeline for iOS 9. The most talked about new feature coming with this iteration will be the ‘Proactive’. Alot of people have to multitask their way across their everyday lives. So this will be a likely good tool in getting through that grueling day. It is planned to replace the ‘Spotlight’ tool altogether so that will bring a whole new flavor to the table in itself.

2. Mac OS X 10.11

Of course with the iOS, the Mac OS X 10.11 will also see the light of day in San Francisco this year. It plants to bring with it a bunch of new upgrades focusing on security and ease of use. Apple is also rumored to be introducing something called ‘Rootless’ which will help the fight against malware (which I believe Apple is already firmly winning over).

3. Native Apple Watch Apps

With the ever-growing buzz on Apple’s wearable, it’s pretty certain that they will introduce a truckload of apps tailor made for the Apple watch. The speed at which apps are currently used on the watch isn’t optimal with delays and whatnot. Hopefully since these apps will be native to the Apple Watch we will see an increase in smoothness and functionality.

4. Better iTunes Radio?                                                     

Currently Spotify is king of the music streaming service. Its also a lot cheaper than paying for songs on iTunes. Not a lot of people use iTunes Radio in this day and age since Spotify is just… spot on. Look for Apple to up the ante with something that can go toe-to-toe with Spotify.


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