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4 Things We’re Excited About In Samsung's Note 4

The future of the phablet is almost here!

Michael Cruickshank
4 Things We’re Excited About In Samsung's Note 4© 2018 Flickr - Brian Bilek

In just a matter of days, Samsung’s popular phablet range is due for an update. The Galaxy Note 4 will be released to the public on the 4th of September at Berlin’s IFA consumer electronics expo. It is expected to include a large number of new features which have us at Versus very excited. Check out our list of 4 of them below!  

1. QHD Screen

As the resolution wars continue,  earlier this year LG released the first mass-market phone with a QHD (Quad HD) screen, the LG G3. While it is debatable whether the average person can see the difference between this and Full HD on a flagship-sized screen, on the larger 5.7 or 5.9 inch screen of the Galaxy Note 4, it could probably be perceived. For this reason we are looking forward to seeing how the technology ends up playing out on the new phablet.

Image: © 2014 LG

2. 20MP Camera,  Capacitive Button

While Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile) has steamed ahead with the production of phones with massive Megapixel counts, Samsung has languished in the mid teens. The Note 4 will buck this trend however with a large 20 MP sensor, which is will use to take the Galaxy range’s crispest photos yet. Alongside this, the phone is also rumoured to include a capacitive camera shutter button on the top side of the phone, allowing easy access to the camera app, even when the phone is in sleep mode.

Image: © 2014 Samsung

3. Curved/Flexible Display

Samsung has been rumoured to be working a number of different display technologies in the past year or so, and at least some of them are bound to be included in the Note 4. Some of the more plausible rumours suggest that Samsung is planning to implement a curved screen which will curve around the edge of the the phone, eliminating its bezel, while more outlandish suggestions include a 3-sided flexible screen panel.

Image: © 2014 Flickr - Brian Bilek

4. Improved S Pen

Microsoft raised the bar this year when it comes to styluses with its Surface Pro 3, and Samsung, not one to be left behind, is looking to improve its S Pen stylus too. The new Note 4 will reportedly feature a much more advanced handwriting recognition system, with improved pen tip tracking. These improvements will be made possible through the use of ultrasound technology which which the Korean company patented earlier this year.


Image: © 2014 Samsung

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