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4 Things What We Want Most From The iPhone 6

Before the big reveal, here’s what we’re hoping for…

Michael Cruickshank
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In just under 3 hours from now, Apple’s long awaited iPhone press event will begin in Cupertino California. Here Apple is expected to debut several new iPhone models, as well as possibly the iWatch wearable device. But before this big reveal, these are the things which we are looking for in this new device.

1. Increased Battery Life

There’s no denying the fact that past iterations of the iPhone had rather lacklustre battery, in part driven by these phone’s small size. The reported increase in size for the iPhone 6 should (hopefully) allow for the inclusion of a larger battery within the new smartphone. In addition, we are hoping that Apple will have taken care to properly optimize its iOS 8  for its new devices, so as to best managed battery life.

Image: © 2014 Paul Hudson - Flickr

2. Improved Camera

While its competitors steamed head with camera sensors with the ability to take incredibly high-resolution images, the iSight camera on the iPhone 5S remained a rather poor 8MP. It is quite reasonable to expect that Apple will seek to improve upon this camera and rework its imaging system to included not just a high-res sensor, but also crucially improved optics and lenses.

Image: © 2014 Apple

3. NFC Payments

Despite the fact that it is now common among Android flagship smartphones, Apple has yet to integrate Near Field Communications (NFC) into its iPhone. We are hoping that this will change with the new iPhone 6, which has been rumoured to have an inbuilt NFC payments system, developed in conjunction with American Express.

Image: © 2014 Wikipedia

4. Water Resistance

With Apple’s competitors steaming ahead with their Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, we hope that Apple too will follow. While leaks have indicated that at least tomorrow's version of the iPhone 6 will not be full waterproof, we are at least looking for a device which is water resistant and can handle short durations of inundation.

Image: © 2014 Flickr - Andreas Kambanis

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