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4 Ways Your Smartphone Could be Smarter

It's time smartphones wise-up

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1. Battery Life

You sometimes wonder whether there is even any point in having a smartphone, considering how often the battery dies, and you can't, you know, call people. At times like this that you long for the reliable old brick who stuck by your side for at least a week. Even if he died, he'd let you turn him on briefly, to send a text. Now you'd be lucky to get your phone to last a day. 

Admittedly, the powers that be are working on a solution. The most convincing plan to me is Qnovo's who have been looking differently at the problem. Instead of fixing your battery, Qnovo will just speed up the charging time. While a fifteen minute charge would normally yield an hour and a half talk-time, Qnovo's chip and software could yield three or even six hours of talk time from the same length of charge. Qnovo are currently in talks with manufacturers. 

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2. Siri

The one unfortunate thing about voice recognition software is that unless it's truly great, it becomes immediatly redundant. I've given up on Siri. I found that I was repeating myself to Siri over and over again, even modulating my voice and accent to help him out, which I'm sure to onlookers made me look the opposite of smart. Apple are trying to smarten Siri up by investing a lot in the area. I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

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3. Too Many Push Notifications

Why, oh why do I get so many push notifications? If a smartphone was truly smart, it would filter out the majority of these, so that my phone feels more like a phone, and less like a temperamental toddler. There has been talk of start-ups creating a new breed of contextual apps. These apps should be able to to process information about how you use your phone to improve how it works. It might, for example, arrange the icons on your home screen according to which apps you use most often, or at particular times of the day. Until that happens we've got tech companies designing jewellry to help you detach from your phone.

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4. PIN

One thing that really annoys me is the need to constantly put in a PIN to get to my messages. The Guardian recently reported on a new patent that Apple have applied for which will furthur contextualise your smartphone so that it can increase security functions depending on your location - so that say,once you arrive home from the office you wont be prompted for a pin anymore. 

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