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4K Display Finally Arrived On Smartphones

Sharp is living up to its name

Nicole Billitz
4K Display Finally Arrived On Smartphones

My eyeballs can’t believe it either, but apparently it is true. Sharp has introduced the world’s first 4k display on a smartphone.

For those of you at home on your wimpy Quad HD display, please stand aside to recognize the first 5.5-inch display with 3,840 x 2,160 “Ultra HD” resolution. I’m just kind of staring at my own screen like whaaaaaat, because that means that this new smartphone has the most ridiculous pixel density of 806 pixels per inch.

As a point of comparision, the 5.5-inch LG G3 has a pixel density of 538 ppi. Does this mean Sharp’s new phone is so crisp and clear that will end up walking into it, like we do with glass doors? (... Like I do with glass doors…)

A better question is who the hell needs that many pixels on their smartphone? Especially because apparently human eyes can’t even tell the difference between quality of anything over 300 ppi. We would literally need a microscope to zoom in to see the difference between 538 and 806 ppi. Sharp’s handset can now reproduce, pixel by pixel, a 4K image without resampling - which basically means a perfectly clear, “ultra” sharp image that will help cement the future of 4K by ensuring that developers will build the experiences of 4K on a smartphone.

Clearly 4K holds the future for virtual reality as well, and with virtual reality coming to YouTube at an already alarming rate, as well as connecting a smartphone for a VR experience (such as the Samsung Gear VR), the handset will be obnoxiously close to your face.

All of this is assuming that your 4K smartphone won’t completely obliterate your battery, of course.

The first flagships with 4K displays will most likely debut later this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has already been rumored to be sporting 806 ppi, and it will debut later this fall.

But by the end of the year, perhaps some sneaky trickster will already have developed 8K resolution (that’s 7,680 x 4,320, for you) so don’t get too dazzled.

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