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5 Android Features Apple Should Steal For The Next iPhone

Will be unveiled on September 9th... but what will it include?

Molly Holt
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Biometric Sensors

There’s no denying the mass interest surrounding health and fitness in the tech market right now, so Samsung Galaxy’s heart-rate monitor puts it right in the centre of the buzz. Apple would be silly not to include a health feature, but with studies suggesting that the personal data sensors on the device are actually more accurate than on any smartwatch… it certainly has a lot to live up to.

Surround speakers

Ok so there’s nothing wrong with Apple’s sound system, but when HTC released its One M8’s BoomSound speakers in a period of stiff competition, the powerful audio punch it packs gave it a one-up from its rivals, which included the Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5. Although lets just hope their fangirl following won’t be using the impressively loud speakers to blast some Bieber on the bus.


Both Sony’s Xperia Z2 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 have transformed waterproof phones’ reputation from bulky and compromising on other features to an essential part of any smartphone. Waterproofing no longer seems like a smartphone luxury, so Apple need to up their game and protect against liquid accidents if they want to stay ahead of the game.

A Physical Camera Button

Potentially more unlikely than the others due to Apple’s usual “minimalistic” design repertoire, but nothing’s ever impossible. Maybe rumours about the power/lock button moving to the side could also double up as a camera shutter… please? With phone cameras themselves getting increasingly as good as the real thing, it’s about time that the devices themselves started matching up.

Settings Shortcuts

A tiny feature that dramatically affects your phone use. Long-pressing your custom set of icons (such as Wi-Fi) on the notifications bar allows you to open extra options for each individual setting, so selecting a Wi-Fi network are made simple. If you think I’m being pedantic, you’ve probably never tried this new Android feature. Its a smartphone, so we want shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts.

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