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5 Awesome Keyboards on iOS8

Have fun with the new iOS 8 feature

Anne Parsons
5 Awesome Keyboards on iOS8© 2018 ROBERT HUFFSTUTTER

It was a pain in the bum downlaoding the new iOS8 - now you might as well play around with some of its cool new features. And my favourite thing about the new operating system is that it can finally support extensions for third party keyboard apps for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Woohoo.

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The first thing you need to do is to once you have downloaded a new keyboard from the App store, is to enable it in your device’s Settings app. Go to: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. You will be able to see the keyboard you just downloaded in a list called "Third-party keyboards."

The good thing about the keyboard feature is that you don't have to choose just one. You can download multiple keyboards and just switch between them. You can jump between the different keyboards by hitting the globe icon, or you can pick from a list by holding down on it.

1. Fleksy

Fleksy is good at being intuitive - you can swipe left to delete, swipe right to add a space, saving you time and effort. You learn gestures to capitalise, change the font size, colour scheme etc. Once you've figured it out, you are left with just a keyboard of letters intead of all the usual auxilliary keys. The keyboard can even learnas well as have it learn your writing style from your Facebook posts, Gmail messages, or Tweets - so smart!


2. SwiftKey

SwiftKey has actually been available on iOS since the beginning of the year, but only for creating notes on Evernote. The great thing about Swiftkey is the texting mechanism which allows you to type without lifting your finger.  

3. Emojiyo

Who doesn't love emojis? The ever more ubiquitous pictures are working their way into nearly every form of online communication. This keyboard stands out because you can specifically search emojis, change the order of your favourite ones, and save the random permutations you come up with in set sequences.

4. Popkey

Naturally, somebody quickly realised that GIFs would rule in this domain. PopKey has developed a keyboard app will allow users to replace their existing keyboard with a new keyboard made entirely of animated GIF options.


5. Gifmoji

We've had GIFs, we've had emojis - the progeny of the two is Gifmoji. Gifmoji combines both an animated GIF keyboard and animated emoji (as GIFs) in one. You can even incluse weird text-based emoji, if the pictures aren't enough - like this little guy, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The fun starts here.



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