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5 Best Gadgets A College Kid Can Buy

They will make the four years go a lot better

Nicole Billitz
5 Best Gadgets A College Kid Can Buy

1. Mr. Coffee Smart BlueTooth Coffee Maker

Okay, so actually, this is great for every not just students. But for those suffering frequent all nighters, or even worse - early mornings, this device is perfect. Coupled with WeMo app on your smartphone, you can start your brew from wherever you are, the library, your bed, or on your way home from a long night out. It will brew a full pot in just under eight minutes, so you’re likely to make friends with your roommate, too.

2. TYLT Charging BackPack

Old school backpacks are now officially a thing of the past. The latest in backpack technology now allows you to charge all your devices. The TYLT backpack designed the charging system so that you can route your cables to 5 external pockets or 2 internal parkets. The battery is 10,400mAh which means it will provide 4 full smartphone charges. It even has a headphone and passport pocket.

3. Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker

Yes, this a thing. We know how small a dorm room mini fridge is, which is why we suggest this gadget for your lifestyle. It can make up to 26 pounds of ice per day, which means you will always be invited to every party on campus, and you’ll have ice cold smoothies to cure the hangovers from said parties. It produces the ice in under 10 minutes. You are welcome.

4. Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

The new notebook lets you take notes using your pen and paper, and then translates them into a digital copy on the Evernote app, which lets you access all the wonderful organizational perks. You simply snap a photo using Evernote’s page camera on your smartphone to take a photo of the notes, and they will automatically be stored in the app which gives you customizable options, as well as searchable “smart stickers” that let you tag anything. Then you can even share your notes. Ah, the future of technology.

5. Kindle Voyage

We know how many textbooks you have to buy (and how much they cost) every semester. Say goodbye to toting around that massive 4,000 page Norton Anthology book. Kindle’s latest has a paperwhite display, which means it won’t hurt your eyes and you can take it to the beach, and it’s thinner than ever before! The battery is now lasting for weeks, and it even has a nightlight version. Bonus: Often the digital copy of textbooks are much, much cheaper.

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