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5 Best High-End Speakers/Headphones

All about that bass

Nicole Billitz
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5 Best High-End Speakers/Headphones© 2023 Gramophone

1. Beats Pill 2.0


This fun-sized bluetooth speaker has an incredible bass, with crisp and clear sound. It’s also fantastically modern and hip looking, all while being portable!

2. Aether Cone


Half speaker, half work of art. The bluetooth speaker streams music and learns what you like to listen to, and will organize accordingly. It also has voice command.


3. Parrot Zik Headphones


Beautiful wireless headphones with advanced Bluetooth, noise cancellation and perfect audio quality.

4. Beats Studio Headphones


Also fantastic headgear, with Bluetooth, noise cancellation, and clear audio.

5. Gramoxov Bluetooth Gramophone


A funky fusion between the past century and this one, with this Bluetooth enabled device. It has steel and authentic walnut to keep it looking sleek and sophisticated.

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