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5 Best Raspberry Pi Inventions

The world really is your oyster

Molly Holt
5 Best Raspberry Pi Inventions

To celebrate the launch of the Raspberry Pi B+ we compiled a list of our favourite, most inventive Pi projects. Don't ask why, just enjoy.

1. Pet feeders.

Instead of asking your neighbour to come round every day to feed the cat while you’re away, why not just build an automated feeder instead. Costing just under $150 and around 4-6 hours to create, David Bryan produced this masterpiece:

And it has built up quite a following. But if you’re more of a dog person, don’t worry, there’s a variation for you, too. 

2. The BeetBox.

Where he even got this idea from we don’t know, but artist Scott Garner, for some reason, decided to create an interactive drum kit made solely out of vegetables. Just like a standard drum set, you simply tap the beets to produce a beat, thanks to a capacitive touch sensor which is connected to a Raspberry Pi, sending signals to an amp inside the handmade wooden case that the vegetables sit in. Someone has actually managed to make Beets cool. 

3. Supercomputer

One of the best father-son collaborations we have ever seen, this supercomputer is made up of 64 Raspberry Pi computers compiled together in a case built of Lego. A researcher at the University of Southampton, Professor Simon Cox’s 6-year-old son James helped design the Lego racks while dad took care of the technology bit. With each individual Raspberry Pi about equal to a 300 mhz Pentium II processor (not the most powerful of chips), Cox’s system combines a whole load of them to produce a supercomputer. And the Lego bit, well that’s just the cherry on top of the cake.

4. Home automation system

Who needs HomeKit when you have a Raspberry Pi? A man named only as ‘Elvis Impersonator’ (how mysterious), joined the Raspberry Pi with Apple’s voice assistant Siri to create a Home automation system. Able to control his garage door, security alarm, thermostat, lights and TV using his voice, the invention makes Google’s $3.2 billion Nest investment look, well, just embarrassing really.

5. Robots (of course)

Another Pi creation held together by Lego (why not), Dexter Industries has created a range of different robots, all with a Raspberry Pi brain. Lego Raspberry Pi robots sound like your thing? They’ve uploaded a step-by-step guide on how to build one yourself for just $140, as well as a Kickstarter campaign for you to help fund their future Pi robot development. Or you could start on one of your own inventions. We suggest beginning with your old Lego collection.

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