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5 Best Ways To Make Using Emoji Easier And More Fun!

Supercharge your Emoji game with these top 5 iOS keyboards

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Emoji is the best thing that was ever developed since the invention of the mechanical calculator. There’s nothing more like expressing your feelings with these cute emoticons!

But let’s admit it: we all have problems in finding the emoji that we want to use. Instead of sending our messages right away, we’re taking too much time trying to look for the perfect emoji. Luckily, there are more available alternatives that can make it more convenient in adding the perfect emoji to your message. Here are some iOS keyboards that can supercharge your emoji game.

1. Slash Keyboard


Slash Keyboard enables you to conveniently search for the emoji that you want to use. In using this keyboard, all you have to do is type in the genre of emoji you want then tap and go!

Another thing that makes this keyboard awesome is that it’s totally free! Just search the product in your App store, download the app, and you’re ready to emoji!

2. Emoji Type

TYPE.jpgJust when you think things can’t get any easier, well think again. Emoji Type takes your emoji game to the next level. As you type words in your message box, it will automatically recommend an emoji based on those words! So if you’re typing “Basketball”, the emoji bar above your keyboard will displays a basketball. Cool right?

3. Emoji++

EMOJI++.jpgIf you have recently updated your iPhone, then you probably noticed that your emoji shows different types of skin color, which can take some time in selecting that emoji. But luckily, Emoji++ lets you customize your favorite list and display the skin tone of your choice. Although its interface is similar to the built-in keyboard, Emoji++ is scrolled horizontally, which makes it easier to look for an emoji.

4. Minuum

Minuum.jpgThis keyboard is usually used for super-fast autocorrects but it also works perfectly with emoji. Similar to the Emoji Type keyboard, Minuum pulls up an emoji in the autocomplete bar at the top of your screen, which is an efficient way to save time when you want to add an emoji, but don't want to stop typing to add it in.

5. Built-in Keyboard

8fc99f7f595c0e7ba164d3cf0d573992a8c7354fd83c99d86205796a956255e5.jpg If you cannot be bothered to go to your App store and download the 4 iOS keyboards mentioned above, then you can always stick with the good old-fashioned built-in keyboard to brighten up any message with an emoji. Thanks to Apple’s organization of emoji into categories, the emoji section has been easier to navigate.

Before installing these keyboards, take note that all of these apps install as third-party keyboards. After downloading the app, you can configure the keyboard by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard. The keyboard apps you have installed will then show up. Then, once you’re ready to send out your emoji, click on the global hotkey next to the microphone key on your regular keyboard. Pressing and holding on it will let you select the keyboard you want and enjoy a hassle-less emoji day!

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