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5 Companies That Promote Corporate Responsibility

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Nicole Billitz
5 Companies That Promote Corporate Responsibility

1. Microsoft

The company localized their aid with a social responsibility program called Corporate Citizenship, which allows them to base the issues on the most relevant for the area. For example, branches in Switzerland chose child safety, and in Japan, they focus on aging populations. In the US, they have partnered with the state to provide training to veterans and the unemployed. They are also reducing their carbon footprint in terms of their offices, but also in terms of their increasingly battery efficient products. They are also attempting to create more transparency in the supply chain.

2. Sony

The tech giant has made an ambitious goal, Road to Zero, to become environmentally neutral by 2050. To do so, the company has begun using heavily recycled products but also management of chemical substances. Additionally, the For The Next Generation project focuses on education for children, which Sony provides in locations across the globe through the Sony Science Program.

3. Intel

Focusing heavily on the environment, Intel early on cut a path for corporate responsibility. By first promting reductions in energy and water use, they were one of the first in the tech industry. They still focus heavily on environmental compliance, energy efficient products and recycling. They have also supported local communities and supported education and technology access for these communities.

4. Google

The company is undoubtedly setting a trend in the tech sector in multiple areas of corporate responsibility, especially with the environment and climate change. Additionally, Google Grants is a program that donates to numerous different causes, including animals rights and literacy. Google employees have spent thousands of hours volunteering with the youth in the US, especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

5. Apple

The company is nowhere near squeaky clean and has a lot of dirty laundry to air, but even so, they have recently attempted to reconcile this, especially in the manufacturing of its products. Recently Apple began to expand free educational opportunities for workers in the supply chain, including courses on economics and English. Additionally, Apple has been working on improving their environmental footprint. Currently Apple laptops require the least amount of energy.


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