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5 Cute Creations for Kids at CES2015

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Nicole Billitz
5 Cute Creations for Kids at CES2015© 2018 Grush

1. mamaRoo. Available right now and for $269.99, this baby seat is the ultimate smart seat. It comes preprogrammed with five different motions to help your little one get to sleep, and even has BlueTooth connectivity, so you can operate remotely, and it has built-in speakers for fussy sleepers.

2. Temp Traq. The perfect solution to a sick baby. The BlueTooth-enabled patch has the ability to read temperature for 24 hours, and sticks on like a bandage, and then syncs up to a smartphone app, so waking feverish kids up to take their temperature becomes a thing of the past.

3. Grush. There is nothing kids hate more than brushing their teeth, which is why the latest kid gadget has found the perfect solution: turning brushing teeth into a video game. The BlueTooth-enabled toothbrush acts like a video game controller that allows your child to conduct an orchestra and battle monsters, all while brushing their teeth. It has an app that also has a parental dashboard so you can keep track of their dental hygiene habits.

4. Smart Pacifier: Pacif-i. This definitely got the most press at CES2015. Blue Maestro devised a pacifier that is BlueTooth equipped with a built-in GPS.

5. Smart Clip. Made by Intel, this clip connects with your phone and the baby’s car seat to send a stream of alerts when the vehicle isn’t moving and your baby is still in the car seat. Every year, 40 deaths occur from babies accidentally being left in vehicles.

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