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5 Devices That Will Save Your Tech Life

These 5 devices got your back

Nicole Billitz
5 Devices That Will Save Your Tech Life


ECEEN has developed a versatile backpack that manages to fit all your valuables, as well as charge them! The backpack has a built-in solar panel, which is an extra large 7 watt panel, which is great for those who want to maintain connection even while outdoors and exploring. An additional massive 10000mAh battery with Dual USB output is capable of charging tablets, smartphones, cameras and more. The large battery capacity allows for multiple devices to charge at the same time, and multiple times.


For those that want a solar charger, but not the massive backpack accompanying it, Creative Edge is one of the most searched for, and the best performance solar charger available. The 5 solar panels offer a 5000mAh battery. In addition to charging with the sun, the charger can also be plugged into a wall outlet. The device is made of silicone, which allows it to be water, shock and dust resistant. Also included is an emergency LED flashlight. This is great for those that enjoy the outdoors, or even just fitness outdoors.


Don’t let the small size fool you. This tiny, lipstick-sized portable charger has a powerful 3200mAh external battery power bank that will recharge your device quickly. With it’s PowerIQ Technology, the charger can detect your device to ensure the fastest charging speed possible. Additionally, it gives a minimum of one and a half full charges to an iPhone5s, or one full charge to a Galaxy S5 and most other phones. It’s ultra-compact and will recharge your device in 3 hours. This is a perfect addition to your keychain!


For those needing a new charger, this week Amazon is offering a fantastically afforable two-for-one. The Yubi power pack includes a wall and car charger that will charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, HTC, camera, etc. Attached to any existing USB charging cables, the power pack will allow you to charge any USB powered device anywhere, whether on the go, or at the office. The LED light will confirm whether the device is charging.


ZeroLemon has produced a thin case for the iPhone 6 that also gives the device long lasting battery life. The full protection construction, with three layers, was built to endure hard drops and heavy shocks. The black case has a slim profile battery which will provide one full charge to a dead iPhone. The end result is a smartphone that is 4.7-inches, that has increased its battery life by two.


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