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5 Essential Things You Need Know About About The Apple Launch

A short breakdown of all the need-to-know stuff

Anne Parsons
5 Essential Things You Need Know About About The Apple Launch© 2018 Apple

1. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus

Apple launched two new iPhones - the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6Plus. Rumours were abound of the potentiality of two different sized models but was never confirmed before today. Both phones have technology in their cameras that were only ever previously in DSLR cameras. The new models come in 4.7” and 5.5”, and will go on sale very soon. 

2. Apple Watch

Apple unveiled its very first smartwatch device, as suspected. It comes in three sizes, and three incarnations - a standard, a sports version and a higher end version called the 'edition'. Everyone thought it would be called the iWatch, but Apple surprised us by calling it the Apple Watch. It will be released in early 2015 and will retail at $349. You also need an iPhone to work the device, but an iPhone 5 will do.

 3. ApplePay, a new digital wallet

Today Apple unveiled a reconceived digital wallet called ApplePay at their keynote address. The feature, which is built into Apple’s new smartwatch device will allow people to make purchases by holding a phone or an Apple Watch near a sensor.

According to Tim Cook this is part of Apple’s strategy to replace actual wallets and make our lives easier. Cook touted ApplePay as encrypted and secure. 

The interesting thing about ApplePay is that your credit card number won’t actually be stored anywhere - the device only account number will be stored instead. As another secondary security measure, you'll get a one time payment number aswell.

 4. U2


It had been rumored that the Irish rock band U2 would play at the event, and sure enough they were there, chatting away to Tim Cook. They played a song, and afterwards announced that they will give away half a billion copies of its new album on iTunes for free, effective immediately. 

5. Available When...?

The iPhone devices will go on sale in the US and eight other countries on September 19th. ApplePay will be available with the latest upgrade of iOS 8. The smartwatch will be available to buy in early 2015.

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