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5 Famous Malware to Affect Smartphones

If you aren't careful similar malware might attack your smartphone

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The virus infecting bonanza of the past decade has heavily moved on to something more modern: the smarthphone. In the past years there have been a slew of malwares that infected Androids and even iOS and did a variety of malicious activity. Here are five of the worst malwares which affected the world’s most popular mobile OS in recent memory:

1. Clicker-AR

This malware is known as a “porn clicker” and, once downloaded, will start using your data in the background to access porn sites, essentially draining you of your mobile limit. Your personal information is pretty much safe, but the stolen bandwidth can be a costly price to pay. The most popular Clicker-AR apps which disguised themselves as the real thing were Dubsmash, Minecraft 3 and Clash of Clans 2.

2. Tinker Studios

Cowboy Adventure and Jump Chess are two apps by Tinker Studios. Investigations point to the complicity of the actual developers but, in any case, the apps caused Facebook credentials to be stolen. And with almost a million installs, the problem can be very serious indeed. What is different with this malware is the actual games that they offer users. This makes the malicious activity discreet and dangerous.


3. Premium SMS

Apps downloaded outside more reliable sources like Google Play are the most susceptible to malware. For instance, espabit.com, playmob.es, and mobilecashout.com are three URLs which have developer apps available for download. The apps are monetizing kits which developers can apply in their own apps. Once installed, the malware sends premium SMS to costing $0.25 and is sent three times a week. A similar example is SMS Trojan Android and 3D Anti-Terrorist.


4. Geinimi Trojan

Five years ago, the Geinimi Trojan affected Android devices. Included in simple games like “Monkey Jump 2,” the malware could do a whole lot of damage. Its capabilities included: reading, sending, and deleting SMS, collecting contact information, placing phone calls, discreetly download files, and launch browser to a particular URL.

5. Ikee Worm

Some iPhone users got rickrolled when they attempted to jailbreak their phones. Ikee worm infected iPhones would then get their wallpaper changed into an image of Rick Astley, the now insanely popular 80s artist because of Internet trolls. The worm would also go out of its way to search for other similarly compromised phones.

iKee Rickrolling iPhone Worm



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