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5 Gadgets Of The Future

The next big things in tech

Nicole Billitz
5 Gadgets Of The Future

1. Microsoft HoloLens

Who knew it would be Windows that brought forth the future? And yet, this is the future. Not only will the holographic image the user creates appear, but if the user should like it enough, they could use the HoloStudio’s 4D printing capacity to bring it to life.

2. Cicret Bracelet

Truly revolutionary, this wearable will the last of the kind, eliminating their need altogether. By simply projecting your smartphone or device upon your skin, this wearable technology allows your body to become the touchscreen, where you can check your messages, tweets, emails, and surf the web.

3. Personal Robot

First, there was Siri. Then there was Alexa. But soon, there will be Personal Robot, the artificial intelligence that will finally bridge the gap between older predecessors. The newests AIs will be everything in one - office assistance, security monitor, speaker, camera, stylist, all of it. A monitor will be built in to a mobile base.

4. ChefJet and ChefJet Pro

This is where the world ends. 3D printers met with real life chefs to create 3D printed food, where they substitute the ink for the sugar, and the result is tasty, edible treats.

5. Self driving cars

Not only that, but soon they will all be hydrogen-fueled, and who knows? Maybe Apple will be making their own.

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