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5 Gadgets To Avoid On Black Friday

The worst things to avoid

Nicole Billitz
5 Gadgets To Avoid On Black Friday© 2018 Intel

1. LUX iPhone 6 with 950 Platnium Diamond Logo

 Why: $9,295.00. Why, indeed.

2. Intel Core i3 Computer

Why: Anything i3 is made for light web browsing and word processing. In the weekend of fabulous deals, upgrade to a i5 or i7 and multitask away, at full speed!

3. Anything with 8GB storage

Why: Users beware! Smartphone and tablet deals are abound, but be diligent. 8GB has enough room for 10 apps, plus email, 500 photos and that’s it. Find yourself a 16GB or bust.

4. Anything from Apple

Why: Because even though I have my personal gripe with Apple products, even for Apple lovers, this is a mistake. Apple never discounts their products, which means you can get the exact same product for 30% less at any major retailer (BestBuy, WalMart, Sam’s Club, etc).

5. Curved TVs

Why: Because even though Samsung’s brand new 4K Smart 78” TV sounds incredible, it’s a joke. Last I checked sofas come in straight lines, which means whoever is sitting on the ends gets a bad view from this curved device. However, if you like to watch TV solo (and position yourself directly in the middle), then still don’t get this. It will set you back $6,999.99.  

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