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5 Great Selfie Apps That Aren't Instagram

Become the ultimate poser with these edgy selfie apps

Anne Parsons
5 Great Selfie Apps That Aren't Instagram© 2018 @oggsie Eyeem

1. Frontback


Frontback lets you make a splitscreen selfie which allows you to take photos with your front and back cameras of your iPhone. So you can take a picture of you, and what you see, or get a bit more creative. Already 300,000 people have downloaded it since its launch in August.

2. EyeEm

While EyeEm sounds a bit like Instagram, with its seventeen filters and sharing platform, the Berlin-based start-up wants to bring the focus back to good photography rather than good social media. Your selfies should look like the work of a professional. 

3. Glitché

This selfie app is seriously hip with users such as Nicola Formichetti, Boyz Noize, and Lily Allen. Glitché was even used to film the Diesel Tribute campaign. The app lets you distort your photos with really bizarre filters so you can turn your selfies into digital works of art.

4. Loopcam


Loopcam is fun because, not only can you make selfie Gifs (hence the name Loopcam), you can put ridiculous stickers on all of your selfies to make things more fun.

5. Youcam Perfect



This is the photoshop of selfie apps. If you want your selfies to look like visions of beauty, then this app will do its damndest to help you. You can give yourself a tan, smooth out your skin, and even shave a few pounds off your face. Yikes.

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