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5 Innovations That Made Google Giant

The tech giant manages to retain its power by constantly improving its features... And these ones have changed our life.

Molly Holt
5 Innovations That Made Google Giant© 2018 JD Hancock - Flickr

Autocomplete: Does anyone even remember the last time they wrote out their whole email, or typed in more than three words into Google’s search bar without it filling in the rest of your sentence for you? Nope, us either.Translate: Over a billion translations occur on the lifesaving platform per day, which can translate into 80 different languages. And it can tell you how to pronounce it, too.Directions: All physical copies of maps have been made completely extinct thanks to this beautiful invention, which not only tells you the quickest way to get there, but what the traffic's like, and how often the bus comes. And there’s that little dot you can watch to check you’re going the right way. We love that little dot.Universal search capabilities: The extensive amount of options now available for you to alter your search with are literally limitless. News, apps, scholar... each one can be filtered down further and further and we find out new options ever week. We’ll get a life soon, we promise.The Knowledge Graph: Your secret best friend. This is the feature that stops you scrolling through 5 different pages when all you really want to find out is what the capital of America is. It’s Washington (not New York) by the way, and it will be displayed in bold right at the top of the page for you. Thanks, Google. For everything.

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