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5 Inventions That Will Change Our Future

A make it look pretty cool too!

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5 Inventions That Will Change Our Future

1. Windowless aeroplanes will provide passengers with panoramic views, by using cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior to video the view and project it onto a 360 degree high-res screen on the interior cabin walls and ceiling. Getting rid of windows will also reduce costs and weight, as well as solar panels on the outer exterior to help power the displays. Everybody wins.

2. Sharp have developed the world’s first free-form display, which means that the IGZO-based LCD screen can be sculpted into any shape. The chips lie in the display itself, meaning goodbye bezels and hello to a whole load of new, intriguingly shaped inventions.

3. Yes, that is a Cloud. And its also an interactive lamp. Oh, and a speaker system. And it can mimic a thunderstorm. Ok so its also a little bit pointless, but its one of the best pointless gadgets we have ever seen. It will provide unique lighting or powerful music playback through either motion sensors or via any Bluetooth compatible device, and we want it. Nope, correction, we NEED it.

4. This may look like just one big expertly sculpted block of floating ice, but its actually what will be a 5 star hotel on Norway’s coastline. It will have 86 rooms, a spa and a wellness centre and will be completely self sustaining in terms of energy demands.

5. Somebody has actually managed to make laundry exciting. These robot fish wash your clothes without using any detergent by spying the dirt in your shirt with a tiny camera, and then using a suction motion to clean it. As well as removing the issue of discolouration or damaging in conventional washers, the system gets rid of detergent altogether, so is perfect for sensitive skin or environmental concerns. And can I just repeat… Robotic fish with tiny cameras. That is all.


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