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5 Massive Video Games That Hit The Shelves This Week

Prepared to waste your time on these!

Michael Cruickshank
5 Massive Video Games That Hit The Shelves This Week© 2023 Ubisoft

1. Halo: Master Chief Collection

As well as working on the forthcoming Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Studios has also been working on a refresh of the entire Halo series. All games from Halo 1-4 now feature a 1080p HD resolution, with Halo 2 seeing a complete redesign of the graphics in game as part of its ‘anniversary’ edition. As well as this, the games features new multiplayer options and levels which users can compete in online.

2. GTA 4: First Person

Grand Theft Auto 4 was a massive release, however, it was unable to truly shine as it needed to be compatible with an older generation of consoles. The game now has been re-released for next generation consoles and, as well as featuring updated graphics and less loading, the game also has a cool new first person mode, something quite attractive to haters of the game’s classic over the shoulder view.

3. Far Cry 4

The latest offering from Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry 4, inserts players into the fictional country of Kyrat located somewhere in the Himalayas, setting the scene for yet more violent action. Building on the environmental-interaction of previous Far Cry titles, the new game will feature a wide range of new abilities differentiating it from common first-person shooters.  

4. Assassin's Creed Unity

Taking us away from the pirate-infested Caribbean of AC: Black Flag, the seventh major title in the series places the player at the heart of the French Revolution. The game expands its parkour-orientated movement system, and also allows up to four players to join a cooperative mode. This being said, users have reported the first release of the game was riddled with bugs, so it might be a good idea to wait a few weeks for patches before purchasing it.

5. ‘GAME OF THE YEAR: 420 blaze it’

While not a serious game, ‘GAME OF THE YEAR: 420 blaze it’, is nonetheless hilarious. Taking visual (and annoying audio) cues from the /r/MontageParodies subreddit, the free game is a ridiculous and over the top parody of online video gaming culture. Featuring incredibly loud dubstep, lens flare, memes, Illuminati and more dubstep, this is a game which will have you laughing too hard to finish.


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