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5 Myths About Technology You Need To Forget

Common misconceptions you'll be shocked aren't true

Molly Holt
5 Myths About Technology You Need To Forget© 2018 Alexandre Normand - Flickr

1. Macs can't get viruses

Although they used to brag about their computer’s total wall against against viruses, they had to awkwardly change their slogan after the trojan incident of 2012. Don’t worry Apple, we’ve done worse. 2. Incognito browsing keeps you anonymous

People seem to confuse the term ‘incognito’ with anonymous. We don’t know where you’ve been for the past year but nothing is completely private on the internet anymore. Nothing. This just means that your embarrassing searches won’t be added to your history, and automatic login won’t occur, but people will still be able to trace you and your IP address. Sorry.3. Leaving your phone plugged in ruins its battery

If you’re the type of person that charges their phone overnight (who isn’t?), then don’t worry, it’s not actually doing your mobile any harm. The lithium-ion batteries most smartphones use these days are perfectly capable of knowing when they need to stop juicing up, so now we just need to teach them how to make all that energy last a bit longer.

4. Only charge your phone when its basically dead

In fact, waiting for your phone to die every time you want to charge it will probably cause more damage than just charging the damn thing. As batteries have a certain amount of charge cycles before they need to be replaced, your mobile will naturally get slower over time as it gradually decreases in amount of remaining charge cycles. A bit like humans really, just slightly more square.

5. Don't shut down your computer every day

A lie made up by lazy people, for lazy people. Yes, closing the screen when you’re finished on Facebook is a lot easier (and it starts up quicker), but bothering to click the shutdown button could actually lengthen your laptop’s life, putting less stress on the components, cooling it down, and just generally giving it a rest from its hard, Twitter-scrolling life. Like I said, technology is basically human.

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