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5 New Apple Products To Be Released Today

This is the biggest tech event of the year!

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5 New Apple Products To Be Released Today© 2018 Flickr - John Mitchell

1. 4.7 inch iPhone 6

The main drawcard of today’s event is the release of Apple’s flagship iPhone 6. This device is expected to have a large, 4.7 inch screen, sapphire crystal display and numerous other new features. Leaks have indicated that the phone will probably come in a white or black colour scheme, and will have a greatly improved camera. In addition, it has been rumoured that a 128GB model will also be available.

Image: © 2014 CNBeta

2. 5.5 inch iPhone 6

In the past Apple has dismissed the so-called ‘phabel’ market - phones with a screen size of greater than 5 inches - however now they seem to have changed their tune. Rumours indicate that alongside the more regular-sized iPhone, Apple will also release a 5.5 inch phablet iPhone 6. It is unclear however if this phone will feature improved specs and screen resolution, or simply be an expanded version of the smaller model.

3. iWatch

The release of the iWatch has been rumoured for years, but now finally we are likely to get our first look. The smartwatch will reportedly feature a rectangular, curved face, and will feature a strong focus on fitness tracking via the Health app. Apple has also reportedly been bringing in major watch designers and fashion figures in order to help them get the wearable’s design just right.

Image: © 2014 Todd Hamilton - Flickr

4. New iPods

While they are often forgotten, new iPods were once the main items of Apple launch events, and still they remain a popular Apple device. The current range of iPod Nanos last was updated alongside the launch of the iPhone 5 in 2012, and thus the range is due for a refresh. Despite there being very little fanfare, expect there to be new iPod models and designs released today.

Image: © 2014 Apple

5. iOS 8

Apple’s new mobile operating system was first unveiled to the public several months ago at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, however following today’s press event, it will begin to be rolled out to general users. The operating system itself resembles iOS 7 visually, yet adds many new features. These include new, powerful messaging options, the Health app, as well as an improved browser for iCloud.

Image: © 2014 Apple

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