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5 of the Best Inventors in Tech Right Now Under 30

As named by MIT

Anne Parsons
5 of the Best Inventors in Tech Right Now Under 30© 2018 Dennis Skley - Flickr

MIT named these innovators as among the best in tech. They all happen to be under 30. 

1. Fadel Adib, 25

Adib, a PHD candidate at MIT has the ability to see through walls with his invention. He uses wifi and nodes to track people moving around rooms.

2. Maria Nunes Pereira, 28

Pereira has invented a biocompatible glue that can be used to patch holes in the hearts of infants. The invention makes the procedure far less invasive than ususal and unlike sutures and staples, it does not harm the heart tissue.

3. David He, 28

He, a former MIT grad student has invented a watch that can measure your electrocardiagram (ECG), so that you can better monitor your blood pressure.

4. Jinha Lee, 27

Lee can trace his love of algorithms back to his origami making days with his mother, who is a professional teacher of the artform. Nowadays, he explores better ways to interact with data and environments. For example, he invented a 3-D desktop that allows a user to “reach inside” the screen, flipping through digital documents and windows."

5. Shayam Gollakata, 28

Gollakata, who became an assistant professor in the wireless lab at the University of Washington two years ago, comes up with ways to do things without batteries. He focuses on ambient radio waves as a means of communication, and energy supply - this way battery-free devices can send messages to one another and even link to the Internet.

Via MIT Technology Review

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