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5 Of The Most Dangerous GoPro Videos Ever Filmed

This is some of the most intense first person footage ever shot!

Michael Cruickshank
5 Of The Most Dangerous GoPro Videos Ever Filmed© 2018 Flickr - Gordon Tarpley

The GoPro camera has triggered an explosion of first person footage on video sharing sites like YouTube and much of this video footage is truly amazing to watch. But often these videos involve actions so dangerous that you yourself feel uneasy watching them. In our list below you can watch 5 of the most dangerous GoPro videos ever filmed.

1. Shanghai Tower Climb

Russian roofers Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov climbed the world’s second tallest building, the Shanghai tower earlier this year, while it was still under construction. Watch them climb to the top of the building, and then terrifyingly walk out to the end of a construction crane.

2. Mid Air Plane Crash

In this amazing footage, we watch a group of skydivers, whose plane is hit by another in mid air. In spite of this collision, all the divers and the pilot manage to jump out of the plane in time to parachute to the ground with everybody escaping unharmed.

3. Argentina Robbery

South America is unfortunately a hotspot for armed robberies. In this video you watch as a bike rider is run at and held at gunpoint by unknown robber, who demands his backpack, but for some reason ignores the GoPro on his helmet.  

4. Taliban Firefight

While we hear a lot about the War in Afghanistan, rarely do we get to see it up this close. Watch as a group of US soldiers engage and kill several Taliban fighters who had tried to ambush them during a routine patrol mission.

5. BASE Jumping Crash

There are a lot of BASE jumping videos filmed on GoPros, however this one would by far be the most terrifying. In it a jumper is blown into a cliff, and suffers severe injuries as he falls down the rock face.

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