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5 reasons to get you excited for the Pill+

Apple finally releases first Beats Pill+

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The long wait is over! Finally, after being acquired by Apple in May 2014 for $3 billion, Beats is set to release a new addition to its line of music lover's dream come true: the Pill+. It will replace the original Beats Pill that was introduced three years ago.

Though there's still a month before it hits the stores for the price of $229.95 each, we can already rave about the reasons why we're excited to see it in the shelves and here's why:

1. Sound Quality
The original Beats Pill already made sure to give us the great convenience of having portable Bluetooth speakers in the past but with the Pill+, audiophiles will surely rejoice. There's a two-way active system which spells amplifiers built right inside the speakers. That's tweeter and woofer that will ante up your listening experience.

2. Design
Sure it still has the Pill shape we all know and love, but this time Apple discreetly incorporated their love for sleek design by making it available in white and black. The Beats logo also loses its red color and was changed into a simple yet classy white. Now with a flat panel around, the volume controls and the power button is definitely more accessible.

3. 12-hours of music
Planning to go on a very long road trip or a retreat somewhere? Don't let that from enjoying your music as Beats say the Pill+ will play the songs you love up to 12 hours before it needs some charging time. That's definitely music to everyone's ears.

4. Charging via Lightning
Apple is really making its presence known as the Pill+ uses Lightning to charge it up. It comes with a cable and a small 12.5 wall wart that can charge any iDevice. After 3 hours of charging, you're on your way again to uninterrupted music therapy.

5. DJ Mode
Imagine having a house party where everyone can have their turn in controlling the playlist, that is now possible with the new Pill. You can also do more with the new companion app Beats made especially for the release of the Pill+. You can also add a second Pill to bring any house down with louder music or have a complete stereo set up with left and right channels.

If you're a true music lover and love the idea of sharing it wherever you go, the reasons we listed will surely excite you in getting your hands on this new Pill!

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