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5 Reasons Why Pebble Time Is Worth The Wrist!

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5 Reasons Why Pebble Time Is Worth The Wrist!© 2019 Pebble

Smartwatches has been arguably one, if not the best, companion your smartphone can have. And for some time Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, and other Android mobile manufacturers had tried their best in producing the most competitive smartwatch in the market until Pebble came along.

They presented everyone with simple, functional, and affordable option and now they added stylish into the mix why people prefer their watches. Pebble also became a preferred smartwatch due to it being compatible for both the iOS and Android. As their new offering came out in the form of Pebble Time Round, everyone will definitely be enticed to try out the smartwatch on their wrists and here are a few more reasons why you should:

1. A Smartwatch That Looks Like a Watch

It looks like a regular watch which looks good on your wrist and gives you that convenience of a time-telling device with all the added bonus of being a smartwatch. Other smartwatches just screams techy (if not geeky for some) due to the usual square face but with the Time Round, you can look hip with a smart and sensible traditional-looking watch. If that doesn't appeal to you then read on to be further convinced.

2. A Lasting Battery Life

Yes, it might not last as long as its predecessors but compared to competition, the Round is still miles ahead with its 56mAh. You can last at least 2 days without charging the Time Round which is already pretty good and with its fast charging capabilities you can't really argue with this one. A day worth of charge after plugging it for 15 minutes? That's totally impressive if you ask me.


3. Apps You'll Love

Aside from giving the gift of telling time, Pebble Time Round has a bunch of apps that you can download on the Pebble Store. At least 90 apps are available including Uber, Swarm, Pandora, and many more that will make your life one heck of a convenient ride.

4. It's Thin And Light For You

It claims to be the lightest and thinnest smartwatch in the world and they proved it. In fact, you will have to stack at least three Time Round to equal how a 42mm Apple Watch weighs. Compared to the Moto 360 smartwatch which is 11mm thick, the Pebble Time Round is just at 7.5mm. Now, wouldn't you love having a watch which doesn't remind you all the time that it's there weighing on your wrist?


5. Stylish For Any Place And Occasion

Not everyone loves to sport a modern-looking watch as it doesn't suit their conservative style or their personality but with Pebble Time Round, rocking it is definitely possible for everyone. With leather straps and different bezels, anyone would look fashionable with the Time Round. There are also more than 275 watch faces at the Pebble Store that will let you choose the perfect Time Round look for you. With more strap options perfect for the different watch face colors, male and females will want to have their hands on the new Pebble Time Round.

The Cons

But of course, not everything is perfect, some are adamant about the fact that Pebble Time Round is not waterproof like the Time Steel or Time. There's also the price which is $250 making it the most expensive among the Pebble line but with its easy navigation, elegant design, stainless steel frame, it somehow proves itself to give your money's worth. Even the large bezel might be critized but Pebble made sure to remedy it by putting numbers to some of the faces. With more apps optimized for the Time Round soon enough, everyone will definitely be glad for this refreshingly classic-looking smartwatch.


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