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5 Signs That Your Android Device May Be Hacked

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Roselle Jean Dancel
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There are a lot of apps and security measurements that Android developers implement to keep their users safe from hackers. However, despite these, hackers are sly and smart. They can easily get under Android users' noses and hack their smartphones... without them knowing.

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What are some signs that can tell you that you're being hacked? Is there a way to be one step ahead of these hackers? Some security experts give their insights as to what are warning signs indicatory that you device has been hacked.

1. Unusual data access patterns

Try checking your data usage from time to time, and see if the data usage doesn't match the applications you've actually been using. If there is a difference of around 10 MB (or more), then it may be a possibility that there is a "parasitic" activity. Another thing you could do is see if apps such as a "free conversion" or "free thesaurus" are taking up unusual amounts of data. This may be malicious and you might have to get your phone checked.

2. Inconsistent charges on your phone bills

According to Sean Sullivan, security advisor at F-Secure Labs, it is possible that infiltrating hackers would use a "free" app as a mask to commit financial bents. It may actually hit in the form of a text message sent to premium numbers that'll make you end up with a unreasonable billing statement. Call the operator once you see this inconsistency and verify where your "extra chargers" come from. This may be a banking Trojan, a technique some hackers use.

3. No anti-virus running

Anyone who's conscious about privacy security should have anti-virus and anti-malware softwares running. You really can't just rely on pure observation nowadays. People are smarter, technology is more advanced. You have to be one step ahead in keeping your Android safe from these threats.

4. Jailbreak

If you have jailbroken your device, then you risk running apps at root-level permission. It's sometimes the case that malware feed on jailbroken phones since they are more vulnerable and less secure. It'll be harder to fix if something infiltrates your jailbroken system. There are minimal security walls so detecting it may be like finding a needle in a hay stack. 

5. People you "trust"

Take note of my quotation marks with the word trust. Hackers are not limited to unknown viruses or random emails. People that have access to your phone, or know your security PIN numbers are possible suspects. They can even install spying softwares on your phone without a trace. So be careful of who to trust.

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