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5 Tasks That Apple's 5K iMac Will Revolutionize

The screen will be a game-changer for these common tasks!

Michael Cruickshank
5 Tasks That Apple's 5K iMac Will Revolutionize© 2018 Apple

One of the biggest announcements of Apple’s press event yesterday, was the new Retina iMac. This computer features one of the highest resolution screens one the market, at a remarkably low price for its cutting edge technology. Going beyond the emerging 4K standard, the 5120 x 2880 ‘5K’ resolution of the screen, while superfluous for some users, will make certain kinds of work much much easier. Read our list below of 5 tasks that will be completely revolutionized by the new 5K iMac.


1. Video Editing

Perhaps the best use of the new Retina iMac is for video editing. A 5K screen allows for native video editing in a 4K format. This gives a user the ability the see their video edits as they would appear to the viewer, rather than in a compressed or lower resolution form.  Alternatively, they could easily work on multiple native Full HD video streams simultaneously, allowing for easier cutting and splicing of footage.

2. Photo Manipulation

One of the biggest problems with photo manipulation today is that the resolution of photos taken by high end cameras, has far exceed that of screens. The Retina iMac makes up for some of this gap, and allows a user to edit an image in a program like Photoshop or Pixelmator without having to continuously zoom in and out on key details.

3. 3D Modelling

CAD (computer aided design) and 3D modelling is an increasingly important part of many industries. The 5K iMac monitor would allow for models to be viewed with a much greater level of fidelity than was previously possible. This would reduce the need for multiple test renders of an object and give users the ability to streamline their workflow.

4. Presentation Building

With the rise in 4K projection technology, there is more and more demand for high resolution presentations. Knowing this, an ultra-high resolution display, like that of the new iMac would be greatly beneficial in the building of these presentations. Images and media content will be able to be viewed at their native resolutions while being edited and a greater level of detail could be added. 

5. Publication Editing

The use of publication editing software such as Adobe InDesign has long involved laborious amounts of zooming in and out on pieces of content. A 5K resolution monitor would enable an editor to reduce the need for this level of zooming, especially on large-sheet publications, as even small sized text could be rendered in its true fidelity on the Retina screen.


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